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Upcoming Litter

"C" litter expected beginning of June 2015

dobermann puppies Oskar z Padoku x Focus Whole Lotta Love

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She's Got the Jack

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  • The breed standard

    The basic disposition of the Dobermann is peaceful and friendly. In the family he is very affectionate and fond of children. Medium temperament and medium sharpness is desired, as well as a medium threshold of irritation. With good subordination and willingness to work, attention must be paid to protective instinct, fighting instinct, courage and toughness. Special emphasis is to be placed on selfassuredness and confidence. Appropriate alertness toward its environment. 


  • ZTP: terms of the Character Grading:


    Dogs which are in order with regard to their entire character image.  A dog can only be graded 1A if he displays a secure and outstanding impression at rest as well as in the manwork. 


    Dogs whose overall character image is still acceptable in terms of the Breed Standard.  A dog shall be graded 1B if his behavior at rest is acceptable and he shows protective fighting instinct. 


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